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Kitchen Backsplash Styling Tips from

Kitchen Backsplash Styling Tips from Experts

Your kitchen backsplash is one special place that is your personal choice. Would you like it funky or refined, loud or neutral: what interprets your thoughts? Whatever you choose, it is your choice but remember to spruce up the place with some design that is unique, modern and creative.

These three factors: creative, modern and unique are the soul of your entire choosing and deciding process. You can take the help of your kitchen design and find a backsplash that accents the whole kitchen and make your stove area fantastic. The choices are countless and maybe this is a plus point and nothing negative. The kitchen design experts advise some key tips to make your entire process easier.

Kitchen backsplash has two main factors to keep in view: material and color. You will need some hard work with tiles and matching them with the tiles of the walls and floor will take some time because the daylight changes the colors slightly. So, you check if your chosen backsplash color is matching with the installed tiles at different times of the day and night. One main color to match the backsplash and two or three accent colors that can reflect the entire kitchen design theme.

Countertop of your kitchen can be very helpful in choosing the right colors and material for the backsplash because it is just next to it.  Some distant subjects of your kitchen like light fixtures and appliances can also be an influencing factor. It will make your selection process better if you take a look on all these factors.

You can create an interesting backsplash by mixing a number of color and metal shades like brushed stainless steel, antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze etc. Throw in some marble or granite tiles to increase the variety of materials and colors. These are a few ideas and you can find more on HGTV and Houzz.