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Kitchen Light Fixtures

Kitchen Light Fixtures

Kitchen lights must be lighter than in other rooms in a house. A foot candle is the measurement standard for the amount of light in 1 square meter of light. The kitchens take up to 50 feet of candles, while a bedroom only takes 25 and a living room 35. The lighting design should provide good special lighting above workstations and kitchen lights for general lighting.


When you think of kitchen lighting in layers, this is the top layer of ceiling lights. If the overall lighting is sufficient, consider the positioning of the lamps in order to achieve evenly distributed ambient lighting on the ceiling. A light typically provides coverage up to four times its ceiling height. A light in a 10 meter high ceiling would cover 40 square meters of floor space. The use of baffles and reflectors changes the size and shape of the illuminated area.

Workplace lighting

Desk lamps double the brightness on work surfaces such as the various types and the cooking area. This second layer of lighting can be temporarily installed in the ceiling or under the cabinet. Typically, a well-placed desk lamp will cover three times the height above the mounting area. For best results, there is a spot light directly above the work surface and in front of your position. Incorrectly placed desk lamps can create shadows and reduce their efficiency.

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