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Original Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Original Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Living or growing on a farm is a unique experience, it teaches the person many great things and builds up one’s personality. One of the greatest things you learn growing on a farm is to benefit from everything around you, everything can be used to do a job or a task on the farm. Many things in a farmhouse is made of materials that exist around you, like a farmhouse dining room table. It is not fancy looking or very expensively bought from a well-known store. But it is very durable and useful, and almost did not cost a thing. This kind of tables is known for its very thick table board and its very standard shape, it is used for dining only not for decorating.


A farmhouse dining room table is made of wood, that is the whole story. Farmers use the wood they have to create these tables to be used in dining rooms and kitchens, the surface of the table is usually rough; as they have no fine craftsman skills nor tools. In time, the table will be formed as it is being used. The table is heavy and very reliable, and it is not only used as a dining table; but the ladies can use it as a station for preparing meals and cooking. Its high durability and tolerance made it a very fine piece of furniture, even though some people consider it inartistic.


There is not much to say about the design, the farmhouse dining room table is mainly a rectangular chassis which holds the table top and four legs. The table top is a huge chunk of a tree in the rectangle shape, and it is even just put there or fixed with nails. The only design that it might have is the addition of long seats over its long sides, which is considered as built-in chairs for seating. The design is very rough and abstracted, but it really does the job well. Some designers love this one, and they transferred it into a more modern look so that it can be mass produced.

Adopted Design

Many furniture companies adopted the design of the farmhouse dining room table, and they mass produced sets like it for other customers. Maybe they have changed the roughness and abstractness of the original design, but they kept the main essence of boldness and toughness. The recreated designs kept the large thick table top, which is the main point of the design. They also polished the wood of course and gave it some color, in addition to adding a layer of a shiny paint to give it a more modern look than the original plain design.