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Kitchen Table Sets

Kitchen Table Sets

If you are Kitchen table sets has seen better days, or if you just want a new look, save some money by fixing the table yourself. The amount of material you will need for the job depends on how you plan it, as well as the size of the table. There are several options available.

Discover it

If you want a natural look and have a solid wood kitchen table, color it. Woodshed of any color or bet. Then sand the surface with a hand slip to smooth it out and remove any remaining bets or other above ground bets. When it’s all gone, color the surface with a bet you choose. You can buy a variety of stain colors at most hardware stores, or for a more unusual look, mix your own stain from two or more colors of the same brand. After the stain dries, apply a coat or two of sealant to keep the wood from getting food stains. Keep in mind that the finished color of your finished project will depend on a variety of factors, including the thickness of the stain and the types of wood that make up your table.

Paint it

Whether your design kitchen table is made of wood, veneer, metal or something else, you can paint it to give it a whole new look. Apply a coat or two of paint in a color you like throughout, or give your table a more detailed look with an art lacquer technique. Make your table look like another material, e.g. B. leather, stone, marble or wood, or give your kitchen a historical look with the painful or antique piece.