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L Shaped Kitchen Designs for Increase

L Shaped Kitchen Designs for Increase functionality

You must have experienced working in a square and rectangle kitchen. These are the most popular kitchen shapes in the houses but L shaped kitchens have recently added to houses. These have their own advantages that many homeowners find worth experiencing. L shaped kitchen designs are different than other kitchens. They are versatile and more inviting.

L shaped kitchen designs reflect an aura of spaciousness. Working there is more comfortable and if you are enjoying nice moments of having your partner giving you a hand of help, you will thank the day God gifted you a house with an L shaped kitchen. Moving around and staying active for both of you is super easy especially when you have a kitchen island also in the place.

Color theme of the kitchen is of crucial importance. Keeping a slight contrast in the whole environment improves the personality of your kitchen. The best contrast if to keep the color of cabinets and floor opposite. If your cabinets are white, arrange brown flooring and vice versa. These two huge elements of your kitchen contribute to the environment more.

You can see in the images below that the L shaped kitchen designs that are looking more striking are those with a sharp contrast of floor color shades and cabinets.

Choice of kitchen table and chairs or an island depends on your lifestyle and kitchen working habits. But if you choose table and chairs, go for some modern design furniture pieces. Often wrought iron or acrylic chairs are a great choice because they help save the space with their delicate features. The bright surface of acrylic chairs reflect light and keep the environment lively and inviting.  You can check for some heartwarming L shaped kitchen designs on Houzz and HGTV. The portals have some unique and lovely ideas for you.