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Living Room Carpet Choice for Your Home

Living Room Carpet Choice for Your Home

When you come to choose your living room carpet, consider a tough and long lasting item especially if you have kids or pets or both at home. In this case, buying from a physical store can be a better idea. You can touch many samples of different carpets and measure their durability in real life. For buying online, you need to educate yourself about carpets and their multiple generations for making a suitable choice.

For a luxurious and softer sense of walking, you need to find plush pile carpets for your room. These look like velvet and their surface is ultra-smooth but they show footsteps whenever you walk over them. If the room is not brightly light with the daylight these footprints will not be obvious. But if you do not want these prints to show, look for loop pile carpets in the store.

Carpet colors are of great importance as they can make your living room look larger or cozier or formal etc.  Often darker shades are more forgiving when it comes to stains. If you have pets or kids at home, make selection of a living room carpet in a dark shade.

Carpets fade with time and use. If you are buying a carpet in darker shade, anticipate an obvious fade  in near future. This is strongly possible if your living room gets ample sunlight through the windows. In situation like this you need to choose a carpet in neutral colors that do not look faded desoite long time use.

How will you use your living room carpet? Do you prefer doing many activities while sitting on the floor? Frequent sitting or stretching on the carpet shortens its life unless it is heavily knitted. So, check the yarn of your chosen carpet before you buy. Thick and heavy yearn prolongs the life of a carpet and it is especially good for heavy traffic.