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Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Lighting in your bedroom can help you achieve high levels of style and décor satisfaction. Lights can focus on many good objects in the room and make the dark corners come to life. With little planning you can transform your bedroom into a place that defines your personality and taste. We have brought here some fantastic bedroom lighting ideas that can help you go more creative in your own bedroom design.

Small pot lights contribute to the room décor without increasing the glare as you can see in the last image of the second row. These lights create dim dramatic bright effects in the room at night especially when you turn off all the other light bulbs. You can have them installed at the sides of your ceiling where they can reflect light all over the room.

Installing lights on the both side walls of the bed highlights your bed. Moreover, you can have the light brightening your bed from behind you while you sit or lie down in your bed. This keeps away the glare from your eyes.

The both sides of the bed can be added with light through side table lamps or you can install them on the headboard of the bed itself as in the first image of second row. It all depends on your room décor and your bed style that you choose a certain light fixture.

Installing a pendant light or chandelier in the middle of the room ceiling is good idea  but not very practical because you do not really enjoy glaring light in your eyes while you lay on your bed and you have to turn it off. Wall light fixtures are a great idea and you have a huge variety to choose from on stores like Lumens and eBay. Create appealing and stylish bedroom lighting ideas by choosing some chic fixtures and brighten up your dreamland!