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Various flooring tiles

Various flooring tiles

Flooring Tiles are an excellent choice for several applications. Kitchen and bath floors immediately come to mind, especially where easy to clean hard floor tiles like ceramic and vinyl are concerned. Flooring tiles are made of several other materials. It’s a good idea to be familiar with at least some of them.

Common types of tile

Ceramic tiles are a very popular flooring tile with builders, remodeling contractors, homeowners and other consumers. Known for its beauty and durability, it can take some specialized tools, experience and some hard work to install these tiles.

Vinyl tiles don’t have the degree of difficulty to install that ceramic does but still takes some work and know how. Thinner and yet less likely to break while cutting, this particular floor tile is seen more in commercial and institutional applications than residential, but does show up in homes now and then.

High end tile

Some higher end floor tiles worth mentioning are slate, which has been traditionally a floor tile that is used on exterior applications but is more and more being used on the inside of homes and buildings. Made of actual metamorphic rock, slate is heavy and is most likely a product that would be installed by a professional or at least a very experienced do it yourselfer.

Another flooring tile that is comparable to slate is Travertine Tile. Made of natural stone and quarried from Turkey, this flooring tile give a Mediterranean look with its rough edges and porous surfaces. This is another product that is probably best left to professionals when it comes to installing, and when done will give a rich and unique look and feel.

Inexpensive and easy to install tile

Foam Rubber Tiles are interesting floor tiles to consider. They don’t have the level of durability that the previously mentioned floor tiles have and aren’t nearly as common or popular either, but do have some features that will attract some consumers. These flooring tiles have interlocking edges and are easy to install and also are covered with a decorative veneer, such as wood grain or stone. They probably wouldn’t be advisable in a high traffic area, but flooring tiles like this would go well in a child’s room or some other area where a floor tile with some padding would be desired.

There is a wide range of the type of flooring tiles available, the degree of difficulty that comes with installing them, and the cost of the various types available. There literally is a floor tile for every budget and skill level.