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Overview of main types of resilient flooring

Overview of main types of resilient flooring

There are many choices when it comes to selecting the right type of flooring for your house. Different floor manufacturing companies are manufacturing different types of products which are not only easier to install but also are resistant to wear and very appealing. Resilient flooring is one of these types of floorings. It is becoming very popular now a days because of its strong characteristics. Resilient flooring is available in two main types that are tiles and sheets. Sheets have a width of 12 feet while tiles come in a size of 12 inches. You can use any of them just the way you use a rug. Or you could also get them fixed by making use of adhesive glue.

Resilient flooring tiles are available in two basic types. Firstly, there are the ones that may be installed by using an adhesive while the other type comprises of the ones that come with a self-sticking backing. Both these types are available in different colors, styles, patterns and textures. The commonly available ones have textures similar to those of ceramics, terrazzo, flagstone, marble, slate, wood and bricks. In case you are willing to buy any style of the above mentioned textures, it is recommended to go visit a nearby retail store to see for yourself what they actually look like.

Sheet flooring and tile flooring, both of them have several advantages. Some of them are listed down in the paragraphs below.

Advantages of sheet flooring

One of the greatest advantages of resilient flooring sheets is that they can be installed very easily. You can easily install them in any room while they are highly recommended to be used in kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms and bathrooms due to their qualities of wear resistance. A few years back, sheets flooring came in brittle and stiff forms but as the technology advanced, they are now available in the form of thin, compact vinyl tiles as well and are very easy to handle and install in comparison to the older ones.

Advantages of tile flooring

Just like sheet flooring, there are also many advantages when it comes to resilient flooring tiles. The tile flooring that was available a few years ago used to be very fragile. It came with a tendency to easily crack or even break when even a little amount of pressure was exerted. But the tile flooring available these days is much stronger and reliable. It makes a nice choice to install in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.