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Purple Living Room Ideas for Trendy

Purple Living Room Ideas for Trendy Setting

Modern day living room is different. The colors are so modern and trendy that for one moment you feel confused whether to go for these unconventional colors or no. take the example of purple. Who can ever think of applying purple paint in the living room just a few years back?  This color was a definite “No” for wall paint but trends have brought a huge change in choices and ideas.

Now a purple living room is a fantastic idea that suits every home set up. Whether you are living in an apartment or a spacious house, there is always a plethora of ideas to choose from for a purple living room.

Starting from throw pillows or cushions to the walls of the room, everything can be added with purple color with grace. To make the purple hue charming, add white on the walls. This can be bands of white paint or you choose purple based wallpaper with details of some white design. As you can see in the images below, many different ideas of a purple living room are available. You can keep the shade in little amount if you like it. For a bright and warm environment, you can choose bright purple upholstery, partial wall paint, rug etc.

Curtains, cushions, and rug only in purple color are sufficient to bestow upon your living room an aura of modern style. You do not need to go for wall paint in the purple shade in every case. For a quick yet prominent change in your living room, consider these three things in purple.

You can add some few details more in the purple shade like a purple lamp shade, purple flowers, purple tapestries, etc.  The other shades that make a fine combination with purple are white, light gray, and pink. So go ahead with these modern trendy living room color themes and enjoy an unconventional environment.