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Simple Dining Room Chair Seat Covers

Simple Dining Room Chair Seat Covers

Bringing in chairs is a great way to quickly change the look of a room. Seat covers for dining room chairs can cover stains and transform an outdated chair into a modern chair. Choose a dye if you want to add decorative details to events. With a solid color, you can use ribbons, wreaths, and jewelry. Choose patterns, flowers, stripes or decorative fabrics to hide stains and make a strong color statement.


Place your first piece of pre-washed fabric face down on the back of the chair from the floor, over the top, and down to the seat. Cut the fabric into the dining room chair covers with a 1/2 inch seam allowance and a half inch hem . If you are using patterns, flowers, or stripes, be sure to match your design so that the fabric pattern goes in the same direction on the furniture. Pin the sides of the chair straight down from the widest part of the backrest. Leave a half inch seam allowance. Cut a piece of fabric that protrudes 1 cm into the seat on all sides. Pin the rear edge along the underside of the seat back.

Measure the width of the sides from the hind leg over the front legs and along the other side to the hind leg. Add 1 inch for seams. Allow some extra fabric for variations in the hem length. Cut the fabric. Pin the fabric into the seams of the rest of the seat covers. All pieces of fabric should be needled from right to right. Sew the covers together with a half inch seam allowance. Clip the corners and loosen your seams. When the fabric is sewn to fit in a corner, it will hit the pointed part of the corner.

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