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Striped Rugs for an Added Flair at Your Home

Striped Rugs for an Added Flair at Your Home

Though, the stripes are just lines but they attract you on the skin of zebras or tigers, in the desert sand, furniture upholstery and in rugs. Striped rugs make a great floor covering with their colorful unsymmetrical lines. Just lines – without any specific width or color scheme, these rugs make a wonderful option for an easy and friendly living room.

No doubt striped rugs come in different styles and designs but the best of them are those that have a certain color over powering the whole theme. Some have red color prominent while others depict blue hues. Your chance of choosing one the best suiting depends on this over powering shade of a striped rug. The color theme in your bedroom or living room guides you to make your pick.

There are creative ideas also that can help you use your striped rugs in fantastic way.  For this purpose get two or three rugs in symmetrical stripes but in different colors and sizes. Spread them over one another with opposite stripes showing; start with the biggest and end with the smallest on top. You can see that depiction is stunning!

Small size stripped rugs are ideal for accentuating small spaces as they add personality to your little area. If there is a chair or sofa around, add a striped cushion or two on it to create harmony in the environment. These little changes and updates bring life to your dull and monotonous life. Keep changing without blowing your budget this time with striped rugs.