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Use the right rug pad to prevent floor damage and prevent slips

Use the right rug pad to prevent floor damage and prevent slips

Picking a right rug is a crucial decision. The style, size, shape, texture and color you choose have the potential to make or break the look of your room. The spotlight is always stolen by the rug. However, it is vital to consider the rug pad too while picking up a rug.

Rug pad is an important accompaniment to the rug that you purchase for your home. It makes sure that nobody slips and also makes sure that there is no damage to the floors and the rug. Not all rug pads server the same purpose. Here is what you need to consider while choosing a rug pad. Rug pads are made of various materials and are available in different sizes and thickness. Few are ideal for use on hard floor and few work well when used on carpets.


When you use a rug that consists of an intricate design or any valuable artwork, you need to make sure that the rug remains in place in order to prevent tripping or slipping. A rug pad offers the grip by holding the rug firmly against the floor in order to avoid sliding. It also prevents the bunching and curling which can result in tripping hazards.

Preventing rug damages

A rug pad ensures that your area rug lasts longer than usual. The fibers on the rug can be prevented from getting damaged by using an appropriate rug pad. Premature wear is also prevented with the use of a rug pad by absorbing shock generated from the foot traffic. The rug pile is protected from the rug pad density and the fibers remain intact even after being subjected to a lot of stress.

Preventing floor damages

Using a wrong rug pad can actually damage your flooring. You wouldn’t even notice that damage has occurred as rug pads aren’t moved often. Most of the rug pads that are less expensive are commonly made from PVC. PVC rug pads aren’t breathable and they aren’t able to release or absorb moisture. It sweats when pressed against the flooring and can also cause damage to the finish.  PVC rug pads must be avoided. Latex rug pads are ideal for wooden flooring.

How to make a purchase?

Evaluate the size of the rug, the thickness and the weave. This would offer the parameter to determine which material would be appropriate for use.  Non-skid rug pads must be used for smaller rugs. Rugs with non slip component can be considered when you are using a large rug.  Thin rugs usually curl at the corners. Hence a rug pad made of rubber can be utilized for the purpose of cushioning.