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Tips to Choose Orginal French Country

Tips to Choose Orginal French Country Furniture

Furnishing your home with French country furniture is an elegance of style. You cannot find any other type of furniture giving your home interior the same flair as the French furniture can give it. But be very careful when you French country furniture because there are many dealers who mix the furniture with other English furniture pieces and that is when you cannot get what you are looking for your home.

The first thing you need to do is to get well-acquainted with solid wood and French country designs in furniture. If you gain some experience in knowing these furniture pieces, it will be super easy for you to identify the real furniture coming from France without any difficulty.

The paint choice of French country furniture is very specific. If you have seen a number of furniture pieces coming from France, you must have become familiar with the type of paints the country people used to paint their furniture with. It was often light color paints with indefinite hues and mostly cream and roasted peanut brown color were used.

The third thing that can clearly tell you if the furniture is from the countryside is its construction. They did not use glue as the means of sticking two parts or making a joint but the wood is carved and joined like a braid would look like. You do not find nails and staples at the delicate joints of the furniture like the drawers of the closets because they do not maintain a classy look and touch with nails.

French country furniture is cute and has a vintage aura. You can choose it for your entire home as the versatile furniture pieces suffice your entire home needs of furniture. Otherwise, decorating one room or just the hall with French country furniture is a tasteful style of homes.