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Tips to get maximum storage from storage drawers

Tips to get maximum storage from storage drawers

Storage drawers are quite useful and are a must to possess item for every household. Sometimes we have seen that in spite of having a large number of storage spaces, we are still looking for more. Does that means that we need to buy more storage equipment? No, it’s not necessary since whatever space we have is sufficient, may be we are not organizing it in right manner. In this article we have covered certain tips to get maximum space out of your storage drawers. Read on to find out more.

Fold the items

If the drawers are lengthy, like it’s there in the chest of drawers, then it’s always better to keep some items folded. By doing this you will effectively create certain rows and it will be easier for you to search the items. It will also help you in utilizing the space available in the right fashion.

Use empty shoe boxes

You can very well use empty shoe boxes in your drawers to create divided spaces. You can also decorate the shoe boxes to make it look beautiful and attractive. Use one box for knickers, one for set, one for socks and so on.

Scented liners

How about a storage space, which smells good and fresh? You can use empty perfume bottles to create fresh and nice smelling storage space. In the place of perfume bottles, you can use scented liners as well.

Regular clean outs

If you want maximum space in your storage drawers then regular cleaning is absolutely essential. Take time out to do away with the clothes that are not worn frequently.