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Use of red rugs

Use of red rugs

Some people are partial to a particular color rug. Here we consider placement of red rugs. One could imagine placing a red rug as a throw rug in a living room, possibly in front of furniture, at door openings or even in the middle of the floor. Another good spot would be in front of the television. It doesn’t matter if the room is carpeted or not, although the backing could be a factor on a hardwood floor. Some rug backing will leave marks on hardwood flooring. It will be important to inspect the manufacturers tag on your red rug before placing it on a wood floor to make sure that it doesn’t create damage

In common Areas

Dining rooms and foyers are also good spots to place a red rug. Of course, that is assuming that you have décor that is conducive with decorating with that color rug. Large, round area rugs are always a nice choice in front of stair landings. They can serve to provide sure footing if the backing and floor combination are correct. These large rugs also have a great deal of aesthetic value as well. Red rugs can also serve as floor mats at entry points for people to wipe their shoes on when they enter the interior of a home. These are typically a darker red so that they don’t show dirt and grime as readily as a lighter color.

Kitchen Use

While rugs in kitchens aren’t common, they aren’t unheard of either. A rubber backed rug as a mat to stand on in front of the kitchen sink can be a nice and practical addition. A larger rug under a kitchen table also would go well. A rug under the table should be large enough to accommodate the kitchen chairs so that there is an adequate surface for the chairs as well as the table to stand on.

Restrooms and Outdoors

Rugs in the restroom can be a practical as well as attractive component to ones decorating efforts. Surround rugs around the toilet fixture, bath mats, and mats in front of lavatory sinks can all be implemented.

When decorating with red rugs, one need not limit your efforts to the interior of a home. Exterior welcome mats as well has indoor and outdoor carpet can also be purchased and implemented using red as a color. The only way to run out of options for using red rugs is to run out of floor.