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Vanity Tops Material to Consider for Your

Vanity Tops Material to Consider for Your Bathroom

Buying a vanity for your bathroom is not only a wise step but it is also a practical decision. With the decision of getting a vanity, a number of other things must be the focus of your concern. The top is one great part of the whole unit and it is your washing platform. There is the bowl, fixed for brushing your teeth and washing our face and hands. The top surface is one tough choice you never know beforehand! Only at the moment of selecting one you will realize that you are in front of many diverse choices in regard of material and shape.

Most bathroom vanity tops are made of one of the following materials:

Granite and marble: This is the top classiest option for your bathroom vanity. The only difference between them is that marble stains easily but granite easily gets rid of most the stains. The best way to avoid stains on the top is to have the top sealed. In this way the obstinate stains of grease also will easily be removed. This option is a bit costly but pays your penny back in the best way.

Laminate: Get the good value and great performance with laminate vanity tops. There are many renowned manufacturers that cell laminate top for vanity. This material is all about layers of plastic joined together with pressure and heat. But with time, the surface loses its novel shine and becomes thin. Laminate is one top choice for vanity tops because it is easily cleaned. Laminate stays safe from water and stain..

Solid surface material: This can be acrylic material or crushed stone. Though it is durable but it can be cracked, scratched, damaged or burnt if proper care is not taken. The positive side is that it is a very low maintenance material which stays intact for years.

Tile: Tiles are attractive, and durable. They come in many different colors. Just make sure that grouts are regularly sealed every year or so to keep the surface flawless.

Wood: Wood looks classy when chosen for vanity tops. But it is extremely vulnerable to water and difficult to keep clean like granite or tiles.