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Vintage Furniture – Our Valuable Heritage

Vintage Furniture – Our Valuable Heritage

Vintage furniture is a heritage of human civilization. It takes us back a few years in time but keeps our homes well-furnished and our life comforted. You may have inherited some rare and unique vintage furniture pieces from your grandma or grandpa.

These are precious and needs proper setting and care so that can make the best use of them. May be they need some repair work like hammering a few nails to make them stay strong and intact in their structure. Check an old chair or a table or even a book rack before you place it in your living room.

There are tricks of painting for making your ordinary furniture look antique and vintage. You must be wondering how that is. The first thing that you notice about a wooden furniture piece that it belongs to which era is to check its paint. Scratched and faded paint is the hallmark of vintage furniture. Design plays a big role, too but most of the chests, cupboards, chairs and tables are designed in a neutral way. You can count them as being vintage or modern, the design does not make much difference.

Now, back to the point how to make your new furniture look vintage!  Paint the furniture with two different paints. First layer can be white and second can be light brown, green, dark brown, blue or any other color that you like. After painting the both layers, take the sand paper and scratch the paints in a stylish manner.

Focus on corners, edges, random parts of the surface and vertices are all scratched slightly with the sand paper. This exposes the layers of the paint withut any pattern and will give your furniture piece a real look of vintage. Try this trick and enjoy having a great living room with distinguished vintage furniture!