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Wayfair Bedroom Benches

Wayfair Bedroom Benches

Wayfair bedroom benches are ideal furniture for bedrooms as they provide seating to take off your shoes and storage space. While an entrance hall is a traditional place for a built-in storage bench, the bench would not exist in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen and would certainly be useful.


Form two planks of 15 “by 16” plywood and two planks of 16 “plywood with 48” plywood in bedroom benches, unless the end pieces are on the inside edges of the larger pieces, around the corners to form the box. Glue the corner joints together in the box and secure them with 3 evenly spaced 1 5/8 inch tire bolts through each joint.

Center one side of a 40-inch piano hinge along the 48-inch edge of a 17-inch by 48-inch piece of plywood that will make up the lid of the Wayfair benches. Secure the hinge to the lid with one-half inch tire screws. Center the lid over the box, which has a half-inch lip at the front, and attach the other half of the hinge to the back of the box. Paint the drawer and lid and let them dry according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions. Find the wall bars that you want to install the bench on. Place the box directly on the wall and secure it to the wall through the inside of the back of the box in the wall post positions with 3 evenly spaced 2 5/8 inch deck screws.