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Where can you place your round rugs?

Where can you place your round rugs?

Round rugs are one of the things that automatically add beauty to your home; if the round rug is properly placed in the room, the room will automatically feel like paradise but if you place them oddly they will take away the charm therefore it is important to know how to correctly choose the round rugs and when they will look glamorous. Moreover, you have to ensure that you have to make sure that these rugs compliment with your home décor. To be on the safer side, you have to keep in mind the following ideas;

Entrances and transitional spaces

For these areas, make sure that you select round rugs that occupy less space in that their width should be in accordance with the exact space on these entrances. In addition, you have to ensure that the round rugs are either dark or they have less patterns. The significance of this aspect is that you will be shielding them from frequently getting dirty when people stomp over them.

Living rooms

Your living room will always require a round rug; but you have to make sure that you place it exactly at the center of the room either under the ceiling fan or the chandelier. It is also important to keep furniture outside its borders; in other words, the round carpet space should always be empty. In the living room, you can opt for bold patterns, light back ground colors or abstract designs. It is also advisable to use round rugs made from wool because it always gives your living room a regal look.

Dining room

In the dining room, you have to select round rugs that will perfectly fit your table’s shape therefore before buying the round rug you have to ensure that you know the exact measurement of your table. Always place the round rug under and it is important to know that round rugs are the best especially if your dining room is squarely shaped because it automatically smoothens or softens up the floor area.


Bathrooms look elegant with round rugs and you do not have any restrictions when selecting the color and the pattern so long as they fully compliment with the rest of your bathroom décor and accessories. You can also use the rubber-baked round rugs if you plan on putting them outside the shower because of their under proof characteristic.