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What Height Black Bar Stools You Should

What Height Black Bar Stools You Should Choose

You need bar stools to bring functionality and style to an open space like kitchen or basement or other. However homeowners go through a challenging experience when they come to choose the right bar stools for their home. You have to deal with a variety of details and color is one among them.

You may find a color as unconventional in furniture as black looks highly impressive and outstanding. Black bar stools can add drama to any space at home. They are a special choice of homeowners because they can find there a number of ways to make a harmonious and unique décor where they place the stools.

Do not get confused if you see black bar stools with different heights. There are usually three categories or four type of them when it comes to the height of the stools. Bar height stools are for counter tops that are from 41 to 43 inches high. They are taller than a an average dining chair and that is why they offer a new more enjoyable experience of eating or drinking – you see the world around you from a higher point! Often bars and restaurants arrange their places with this height bar stools.

You may better choose counter height black barstools because they are made with an ideal height – excellent for a counter top which is not more than 36-39 inches high. They can also be used for extra seating. You home kitchen would do the best with these because home bar or kitchen counters are not that high as those in the bars and restaurants.

These short black bar stools are as high as your dining table chairs. You can easily replace your dining chairs with these for a fresh change in your dining room. The following designs are a mix of all different height stools. You can see that the designs vary. But this is a good thing to find variety like stools with back or armrest. Check out on popular stores like All Modern and Overstock for stylish black bar stools for your home.