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Why should one use carpet tiles in their house?

Why should one use carpet tiles in their house?

Home decoration or interior decoration industry has seen a tremendous growth in the number of different and innovative items it has to offer. It offers its customers a wide variety to choose from the home decoration scenario. Carpet tiles are one such unique and fresh take on normal tiles. As its name suggests carpet tiles are an amalgamation of carpets and tiles. As such they offer the advantages of both the carpet and the tiles. Carpet tiles often look like carpets but have a tile feeling to it. There are many options, designs and textures that you can choose from to select your perfect carpet tile.

However, before going into the nuances of buying carpet tiles, you need to first look at the different pros and cons that they have to offer.

Why should you use carpet tiles?

The most important aspect of going for carpet tiles, is its ease of installation. They come in manageable sizes and can be easily customized according to the space you want to install them on. They also are very easy in terms of “do-it-yourself” projects. You just need a carpet tile and carpet adhesive to stick them up.

It is a common fact that carpets pose a very serious cleaning problem. Carpet tiles on the other hand are very easy to clean. You don’t need to hire professional help or go through the task of putting in a lot of efforts to clean the carpet tile. You can even clean a particular dirty tile and replace it immediately without having to clean an entire carpet area. Vacuuming it periodically also helps.

Designing and experimenting with the different patterns of carpet tiles is very easy, as they come in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. You can mix and match them if you get bored.

They are very durable in comparison to regular carpets and thus have the capability to withstand heavy floor traffic without any quality deterioration.

Why shouldn’t you use carpet tiles?

The carpet tiles can easily become loose after much use. Prolonged use can cause the edges to fray off. Also if you don’t take care while cleaning them up, then you might end up with a disfigured tile. There are many cheap ones available in the market, which have a rubber base. These are the major candidates leading to the disfigurement of the tiles often.