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Windsor Chairs for Reviving the Vintage
Aura of Your Home

Windsor Chairs for Reviving the Vintage Aura of Your Home

These classic chairs have stories of centuries to tell you. They made their first appearance at some time in 16th century in Britain and since then they are a part of dining room. The traditional and vintage aura of these chairs attracts the homeowners and if they are going to choose a home setting with all vintage furniture choices, they keep these chairs their top choice.

Unique Design: Often the chairs with a dining table have straight back but these Windsor chairs are an exception. The slightly rounded back is made of delicate yet strong wood.  Arms are usually not there since the back is round and allows the arms to feel at rest while sitting but some chairs are added with arms for added comfort. These arms are carefully structured from steamed wood that is easily bent according to the required shape.

Delicate Airy Look: Windsor chairs distinguish from other sorts of chairs with their airy look. The best thing about them is that long time sitting sessions do not cause the seated fellows any discomfort of trapped heat at the back. The air is allowed to pass through easily from between the wood frame. In summer days and family dinners, these chairs provide exclusive meal times.

Classy Color: Windsor chairs are all about class and design. Though the design is simple but it looks fantastic. What adds in their classiness is the choice of paint color. All shades of dark brown look adorable on these chairs because the vintage aura is only maintained with dark shades of polish. If the thought of painting them cream, white or light brown strikes your mind, do not let it happen in practical life. These light shades are associated with modern design furniture and they can spoil the vintage personality of your Windsor chairs.