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Wood kitchen flooring – the latest in trend

Wood kitchen flooring – the latest in trend

Kitchen flooring is an important part of kitchen renovation. One should select the kind of flooring according to the space and needs. There are number of choices for kitchen flooring available in the market.

Some of the flooring designs are as follows:

 Wood effect flooring: These are very authentic and traditional type of flooring. They are available in different shades and tones and is suitable for all types of kitchen

 Stone Effect flooring: It is the most preferred choice. It gives comfort to the feet and is very strong too.

 Iconic flooring: These flooring are very unique and rich in texture and appearance. They are available in different sizes, ranges and color.

 Vinyl flooring: They look like actual stone or hardwood. They have excellent finishing and durability.

 Laminate flooring: It is low on maintenance and high on durability. Wood and Stone effect lamination flooring are good alternatives to the actual ones.

 Tile flooring: They come in different sizes and designs. They have long lasting finish and are scratch and stain resistant.

Benefits of wood effect flooring:

• Cleaning & Maintenance: They are easy to clean and maintain and look as new for years together. They have a protective covering which is non- porous, resistant to dirt, germs, heat, cracks etc.

• Durability: Wooden flooring is very strong and durable. They are simple yet attractive. They can last for many years. If any tile is damaged it can be easily removed and replaced.

• Comfortable: They are quite comfortable for the foot. They are weather resistant and suitable for all weathers.

Types of hardwood flooring:

 Solid hardwood

 Engineered hardwood

Points to be considered when choosing hardwood flooring

Species: Select the appropriate species of wood for the flooring. Oak, Maple, walnut, birch are some common species of wood for flooring.

Width: The width of the wood for flooring is an important point of consideration. Depending upon the kitchen style one can select the width of the wood for the flooring.

Texture: One should check the texture of the wood to determine its age. Aged wood tend to have more durability.

Color: Different color range of wood are available like dark brown, burgundy, caramel, light brown etc. One can select the color according to their preferences.