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Accentuate and beautify your house with the very essential carpet runners

Accentuate and beautify your house with the very essential carpet runners

Carpet runners form an essential part of your house. Wooden floorings often times tend to be very noisy and heavily polished wood has a tendency to make anyone slip on it. As such many unavoidable accidents can take place in your house, especially if you have toddlers running all around. In such situations it is always better to install carpet runners in your house for that added element of safety. These carpet runners come in various sizes and shapes, but often they are found to be rectangular.

Such carpet runners are best suited for staircases in your houses. These stair areas are the major accident prone zone in your house. In addition to this they also become creaky and noisy if left bare without any covering. The chances of slipping and tumbling over them is also high. Carpet runners for covering stairs as explained above are generally called stair runners then, because they tend to cover your stairs for added protection. These stair runners come in various styles, and you can choose the one that complements your house design the most.

Many questions are, however, asked with regards to stair runners. Let us see some simple solutions for them in the following text.

End point for Carpet Runners.

You can have many choices in this, but generally the stair runners should end just below the lip of the last tread. This way if you have overhanging lights above your last stair, then it can reflect well.

Width of the Carpet Runners.

As a general rule of thumb, 4 inches wood on either side of the stair runner is an ideal size, leaving the onlooker pleased and appealed. However, this size is just giving an average of stair runner measurements. The actual size may vary depending on your staircase size.

Carpet Runners for open areas.

If you have an open staircase, then you can wrap each stair with carpeting. It is another nice way of organizing your stair runner in a situation where you need an open space.

Area Rug and Stair Runner.

It is not necessary to keep both of them same, but it goes without saying that you will need to coordinate both the area rug and the stair runner to create a harmonious pattern. Stair runners and area rugs in one glance should be able to give a completely synchronous feel instead of feeling mismatched and non-coordinated.