The Rocking chair has come from the word to rock, a verb. It is a type of chair having two curved bands that are attached to the bottom of the legs and the same connecting the legs on either side to each other. The connection between the rocker and the floor is only at two places, that gives the seated person to roll back and forth only by shifting the weight or by slightly pushing his or her feet. The chairs are normally made out of wood.

Now some rocking can even  fold. It just comes as parenting because it provides the gentle rocking motion as the parents give to their infants. Adults too even find it soothing because of its gentle motion. People’s brain even associate it with its rocking motion as safety and comfort like we get into mother’s arms or like in a cradle or perhaps like a mother’s womb. The motion gently relaxes the body and even allows people to sleep sometimes.

The Rocking chair is comfortable because of many reasons. Among them,  one more is that whenever someone is seated it automatically starts rocking backward unless the center of gravity is met with the seated person. And thus, granting the benefit of ergonomics to the seated person and giving him the unstressed position and angle as well. There are a lot of varieties of such chairs which include chairs mounted on the spring base and such chairs are known as platform rockers and some are with swinging braces which are commonly known as gliders.