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Amazing ideas for your kitchen flooring

Amazing ideas for your kitchen flooring

Are you interested in contemporary, traditional or classic style? There are multiple amazing ideas that you can use to create a kitchen style that will not only look great for many years but also easy to look after and clean. You can therefore opt for floors that are non porous, smooth, and floors that will not shatter your mugs when they fall on the floor.

Oak black hardwood

Oak black hardwood is considered as one of the best kitchen flooring because it of different factors; it is easy to clean and it compliments with the kitchen furniture. Apart from these characteristics, it is available in several shades like:

  • Oak – the classic dark
  • Oak – midnight
  • Oak- espresso

With its delicate figurative grain and uniform hue, it is known to be very elegant whereas the variable shades are delicately accentuated with top notch sap wood. Oak black hard wood flooring is therefore durable and very affordable.

Cherry Parquet kitchen flooring

It is a very beautiful kitchen flooring that will always accentuate the traditional theme in your kitchen. It is also known as the classic villa because it combines characteristics of classic grades and elegance.  It is also a floor with different hue variations and different tone appearances and it does not require any sapwood. This flooring is made from starkly grain with different marked knots.

Old cottage kitchen flooring

It is unique flooring that combines characteristics of the super rustic grades and rustic in that it is very visible and completely accentuated with very large knots and sapwood.

Checker board floors

Checker board floors always bring a unique updated vibe in your kitchen and in most cases they compliment your kitchen décor. Their resilient surfaces are not only soft but also warm underfoot. They also require minimal attention when it comes to maintenance and they also represent the classic style.

Vinyl kitchen flooring

You can add warmth and timeless beauty to your kitchen by using these flooring. It is also a favorite for a lot of homeowners because it is easy to clean and its surfaces last for ages in that them always with stand heavy traffic while enhancing other designs in the kitchen.

You can also use as an inlaid flooring which provides durability and also compliments all items in the kitchen to bring out a sophisticated look.  With these kitchen flooring ideas, you can easily make your kitchen look attractive.