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Characteristics of vinyl tiles

Characteristics of vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are the most common type of tiles being used for flooring. They have following unique characteristics.

Wide range of Designs and Colours

The vinyl tile is the most common type of flooring these days. These are extensively used by the homeowners because they are available easily in the markets and have a huge range of colours and designs. They fit in every style and according to every type of furniture. There are many choices in textures, patterns and colours. Their pattern mimics the shape and texture of stones, marbles, travertine, wood and slate. In addition to vinyl tiles, the vinyl sheets are now also being used by the homeowners to beautify their houses and enhance the interior décor of their property. There are over thousands of vinyl tiles available in the market. You can take up to any tiling pattern that suits your desire and need.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest reasons that vinyl tiles are used nowadays is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. The vinyl tiles can be easily cleaned using a regular cleaner. This is very advantageous for the housewives and the people who spend most of the time in their house. Easy clean saves a lot of time and you can invest your time in some other productive activity. The vinyl tiles have an extra coating that protects it from being damaged and makes it easier to clean and maintain. The advanced coatings make them easier to clean the scratches and dirt spots can be cleaned without any difficulty.

Durability and Long lasting

Another great advantage of using the vinyl tiles for flooring is that they are durable and long lasting. They can withstand high pressure and can resist heavyweights. Moreover, one these have been installed, you would not be requiring floor renewal for quite a long time. The tiles are mostly used in flooring the kitchens and bathrooms. But you can install tiles anywhere in the house you want. There is one disadvantage of vinyl tiles that, if somethings falls on it may break on the first contact.


The vinyl tiles are affordable and cheaper as compared to other flooring techniques. They have diverse use in the house and have a greater impact on the onlookers. The vinyl tiles are budget-friendly. Despite having contemporary and modern looks, they are much cheaper than the traditional tiles.