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An overview on carpet for stairs

An overview on carpet for stairs

Stairs are often the area of house that’s least considered for carpeting. The reasons for it are in the reckonings, it never termed a part of housing décor. Stairs remains the most isolated area of your house. It’s the vague truth.

However, if you’ve ever considered to carpet you stairs, then you’re quite averse of the clichés accompanying the procedure. It’s a hard time coming to a decision when going for the carpeting of the stairs. There are multiple factors that come into play, the preps, the textures, the variants and more.

There’s whole more to the ball game than it seems. And for your kind knowledge shall we state the fact that carpeting warranties seldom cover the stairs. That’s unfair, one doesn’t really give consideration to carpeting the stairs, and when he does, there’s no warranties and benefits involved. The reason put forth for this is, stairs are the area that is most vulnerable to constant exploitation of carpets.

Nevertheless, we provide you an overview on carpeting for your stairs. Follow the trail.

  • Prep your stairs
  • The first and foremost step would be to prepare your stairs for carpeting. Remove any old bits of carpets clinging to the stairs. Clean the surface and get it ready for the installation of carpet.
  • Get the measurement of your stairs and size your carpet accordingly.
  • Decide on carpet type
  • There’s not a much to choose between when carpeting a stair. However one does have the option of going for a singular waterfall like carpet or the individual step-styled carpets.
  • A single carpet flowing all the way down to the end of stairs might look aesthetic to the eye but it may feel expensive when in need of replacement.
  • Individual step-styled carpets give you the option to replace just the damaged part of the carpet without interfering with the whole length. It’s pretty economical this way.
  • The carpet texture and color
  • It’s one of the important things to keep in mind when you buy a carpet for stair. The bright colored ones might look appealing but they get dirty quickly upon.
  • Choose the bold and dark colored carpet for your stairs as they tend to hide away the dirt and grimes.
  • The density
  • Everyone loves the sight of thick carpets, don’t they? But are they right for the home and especially for the stairs.
  • A low dense carpet with lesser height proves better for the stairs than the bulky ones. They tent to fit accordingly to the stairs.