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Tips to buy wooden garden benches

Tips to buy wooden garden benches

Although purchasing new wooden garden benches is fun but it can be a little difficult sometimes as well. You need to make a decision and there are a large number of options to be considered. You don’t have to worry now, as we are here to help you out. With the tips that we are providing in this article, we have covered the most frequently asked questions. Read on to find out more.

Type of garden furniture

This is the first and foremost question that you need to consider while buying wooden garden furniture. If at weekends your aunts or your grandparents visit you often, then you need to look for a little bigger size. When it’s not in use on weekdays then you can easily drag it and store it in your garage.

Size of furniture

The shape, space and layout of your garden shall play an important role while you choose the size of your garden furniture. We advise that first you measure up the total area of your garden. Then you need to decide that how much area you want to give to your furniture.

Material to choose

This is one of the most important points while you are buying furniture for your garden. The types of wood that are available for you are teak, eucalyptus, mahogany and robe. Most of the woods that you will choose to have natural oil content, which kind of makes them water resistant.

How to store

How to store your wooden garden benches largely depends upon you. In fact, most of the wooden garden furniture is water and weather resistant so you need not worry about it much.