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Appropriate use of shower shelves

Appropriate use of shower shelves

Why use shelves?

Shelves are not only needed in bedroom and garage. There are different shelves which are needed in bathroom as well. Bathroom is the place which is considered as place for relaxation. When the home planning is going on many of the owners are much interested in the enhancement of design and functionality of bathroom. Moreover they are specifically more interested in shower and bathtub remodeling. These things are enhanced by including some more storage space which is attractive and convenient. Thus the shelves are used for the storage purpose in bathroom.

Placement of shower shelves

Apart from shower shelves the other option for storage are benches and niches but all three are different from each and should not be confused. Shelves are usually attached in the corner of the shower and they are triangular in shape. The size and the height of the shower shelves are decided based on what will be kept on those shelves. Moreover the shower shelves should be easy to reach. When the bathroom is planned the designer take care that the shower shelves does not interfere the elbow room space.

The shower shelves are usually used to hold the things like conditioner, shampoo, soap, body wash and many other bath materials. There are chances that you can have more than one shower shelves and in that you need to take care of the distance between each shelf. The size of each shelf should be considered. The interior designer can help you to decide the proper placement of shower shelves so that the direct stream of water is not reached.