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What are hardwoods?

What are hardwoods?

Hardwoods are special kind of woods that are extracted from dicot angiosperm trees. These special kinds of trees are found in tropical forests. The leaves of the trees are very broad and wide. Hardwoods have a more complex structure than softwoods. Also hardwoods tend to grow slowly as compared to softwoods. One of the exciting features that distinguish a hardwood from softwood is that a hardwood consists of pores or vessels. These vessels vary in size and structure. Hardwoods are generally very hard and tough and that is the reason why the products made from hardwoods are comparatively durable and strong than the products made from any other wood.


Hardwoods can be used in a variety of applications such as for building boats, for construction purposes, for making tools, furniture, musical instruments, cooking utensils, used in flooring and for the manufacturing of charcoal. Initially the supply of hardwoods was extremely efficient as the trees were widely available everywhere, but nowadays the supply has reduced as the trees have become scarce due to exploitation, and that is the reason why the hardwoods have become expensive.

Hardwoods are preferred in making furniture and musical instruments because of its strong density which makes the products durable. Also the products made from hardwood looks good as the texture used is amazing.


First of all the material of the hardwood is really dense which makes the cooking utensils strong and durable. Secondly the cooking utensils made from hardwoods tend to burn hotter and is considered to be low-flammable. But the most important thing is that it burns for longer time while producing very less heat.


Hardwood floors are very solid and strong. They are made up of planks consisted of small pieces of timber. Initially hardwood was only used for structural purposes as a building joint or as a support beam. But nowadays the whole concrete flooring is made up of hardwood and it has gained a lot of popularity around the world. There are two types of hardwood floors found these days. One is the solid wooden floor while the other is the engineered wooden floor. One of the differences between these two wooden floors are of a thicker wear surface that a solid wooden floor possess and not the engineered one. However solid wooden floors are still found in many parts of the world.