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The diy guide to hardwood floor refinishing

The diy guide to hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood Floors are the most common and popular floors used in households in the US and the UK. The Hardwood Floors give your house a luxurious look and feel plus they will complement any furniture in the room.  In addition to that, the hardwood floors are durable and last longer than normal floors. These floors are cheap to maintain because unlike other floors they don’t need to be replaced and floor refinishing every once in a while does the trick. So without delaying further let’s have a look at the following simple steps to refinishing your Hardwood floor and giving it a new and fresh look.

The Duo of Floor Refinishing:

First and Foremost, whenever you decide to refinish your floor always ensure your safety first and then proceed. Wear mask that protects you from dust and enables you to breathe easily. The mask should also adequately protect your eyes and ears. Secondly cover the furniture and doors of your house by protecting them with old newspapers or plastic sheath.

Secondly, the most important thing to do is to Sand your floor. This Sanding will ensure that the floor is properly evened out so that there are no abnormalities on the surface.

Thirdly, only apply one coat of stain at a time so that it prevents some hard spots from absorbing more and making the surface darker.

Lastly, gently stroke and apply polyurethane by starting it from the corner of the room. Be careful! Don’t move fast or you will end up creating bubbles which will make it look like a bubble chocolate.

If you don’t understand the above procedure or have any confusion regarding it. It’s highly suggested that you hire the services of a professional agency or individual.

The Don’ts of Floor Refinishing:

Always be careful of and don’t do these following things during your floor refinishing process:

Don’t refinish your floor in the rainy weather.

Don’t stay or live in the house while the refinishing is underway.

Don’t hurry, remember, patience is the key here.

Don’t hire amateurs, always look for the best person to do this job.

A normal wooden floor refinishing should be done ideally after a gap of 15 years as these floors are usually pretty durable and don’t lose their shine easily. Frequent finishing could have adverse effects and make your floor look dull.