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The Amazing Red Sofa

The Amazing Red Sofa

Designers and decorators always tend to go for new trends, especially for a very fast growing market. Sometimes it is easy to adopt new styles and ideas, but it is harder to let go of old amazing things for good. If we all think about a red sofa in a living room, I guess everyone will understand the concept. Red sofas are considered one of the classics in indoor furniture, since they were first produced in the late 40s. The sofa is made of bloody red color material, and it has no other color in it what so ever. It has been a traditional and a furniture icon in house items for decades now, and it is still selling in huge numbers.


As we said, the first red sofa was created in the late 40s. Since it came out until now; no one knows the exact reason of its popularity. Some people say that the early 50s to the late 60s were a flourishing period of the red color, others believe that even it was in another color; it would have been that successful. Because the truth is not clear, all we can say now is that it is popular for unknown reasons. The success of this sofa is still going on till our present time, it is still being ordered every year.


If we looked at a catalogue for just red sofa designs, we will see that it is not as easy as it seems. People may think that it is an ordinary red couch and that is it, but the story is harder than that. It is true that they may look the same, but there are actually different designs that no one may notice them. First of all there is the size, which differs from a two person lounge up to six. There is also how the fabric is laid over the chases, it can be plain or it can have pressed buttons or even textured fabric. Some of these sofas have no arm rests on their side, while others have them.


When the red sofa was first created, it was made of red leather. But as the years went by, other fabrics have been used to make the sofas. Cloth was the next fabric to replace leather as a material for red sofas, then came synthetic fabric and waterproof fabric. Each one of them has its own customer who cherishes it, and orders the sofa to come with it. But although fabrics may differ, but they all have one thing in common; they are all red. Leather is still the number one best seller of them all, some things really do not get old.