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Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Build your own Bathroom floor cabinet requires a number of blueprints and some woodworking tools. The plans can be purchased either online or from a home store or wood store. Alternatively, anyone who can accurately use a tape measure can draw this. Once you have the plan you have chosen, the next step is to create a bill of materials. If you buy all of the supplies at once, you are sure to have everything at hand when you start assembling your bathroom cabinet.


Measure the area where you want to place the bathroom cabinet. Write down the exact measurements for each dimension of the cabinet. Height, width and length. Even an eighth of an inch can make a huge difference in the final look. Using pen and paper, draw a rough sketch of the closet you want to build. Transfer all appropriate measurements to the appropriate part of the drawing.

With the help of a CAD program, you can visualize the bathroom chest of drawers in 3D before building it and determine the list of materials you will need in the shop or in the garden at home. Determine which type of wood you want to build the cabinet with. Remember that a bathroom is a humid environment and the wood needs additional protection. Add a stain to your bill of materials and any sealant or color you choose. Determine the type of hardware you want to use for the enclosure. Just remember to think of different types of handles and knobs, and don’t forget about the hinges for doors. Add your hardware to your inventory. Make sure to add screws, nails, and waterproof wood glue to your list for assembling the case.