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Bathroom Lighting: Which One Is Better?

Bathroom Lighting: Which One Is Better?

Bathroom lighting is an important aspect when you are decorating of refurbishing a bathroom. Without the right lighting, your bathroom will fail to look good and will make things very difficult for you when you are doing every day work. Most people also dress up and wear make up in the bathroom, so it is necessary that the lighting is good and decent so that there is no problem whatsoever when you are doing such kinds of tasks. When you bathroom is still in the building process it is necessary that you pay enough attention to your lighting and stay focused on getting the best lighting mechanism for your bathroom.


Although lighting is an important aspect of the bathroom and is the hero of the bathroom, even then you do not want to spend too much money on it. Since the bathroom is often visited that is why it is also necessary that the lighting should be cost effective and does not use too much electricity. Bulbs, energy saver and LED bulbs are the best way to ensure that. Energy savers and LED bulbs, although these bulbs are also not cheap when you are first buying them but in the long term scenario they can save you a lot of money.

LED bulbs are made of hard plastic casing which is very reliable and durable, you cannot break them even if you drop them and there is absolutely no danger of shattered glass which can injure you. These bulbs can easily be purchased from the market as they are new but keep in mind that prices may vary according to model and size. Most of them are a little expensive but are the best for effective bathroom lighting.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are also a good way to go for bathroom lighting. They can be easily found in the market and stores and are available in many different sizes and designs. You can always get in trouble if you buy the wrong fixture because many fixtures are not designed well and can trap all the light within themselves which in turns makes the bathroom look dull. You do not want your fixtures to over shadow when you are getting ready for a party, for that the position of the fixture matters most. You will want to mount your fixtures above the mirror for best lighting and also mount one on the ceiling so that the room has perfect lighting and brightness.

There are many more types of bathroom lighting mechanisms and fixtures but nowadays these two are very popular for their quality and light. LED bulbs can really produce a lot of light, a single LED bulb is very well capable of lighting a whole room and the best part is that it costs so less.