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Flooring ideas for your house

Flooring ideas for your house

The first thing that is noticed by anyone who steps into a house they haven’t been to before is the flooring. The floors of the house take the weight and the brunt every single day and usually are the first ones to experience wear and tear. Also, the floors of a house are not like furniture or objects around the house that can be replaced within a day or two and hence, one must put a lot of thought into the flooring ideas that they come up with for their house.

When we talk about flooring ideas, one has hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from and this might get a little overwhelming. It is important to choose the right floors because a wrong floor can not only ruin the base of the house but will cost a lot of money.

A couple of things one can keep in mind while deciding upon a flooring idea may include

  1. The function of the room
  2. The usage of the room
  3. The look that the room requires

For example, for the living room, one can choose wooden flooring because it gives out the lazy, relaxing yet classy look that a living room requires, however, for bathrooms, tiles are the better idea because a wooden floor will most likely spoil because of the moisture. It is also important to match the colors of the floor to go with the decor and the look that the room requires. For example, neutral colors mean warmth.