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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Bathroom shower tile ideas – In many homes, shower tiles are ignored as a design opportunity. The wide range of tile colors, surfaces, materials and shapes allows you to combine the shower with the rest of the tiles in your bathroom design. When planning, consider how to use tiles to visually improve the layout of the shower.

Rotate the tiles diagonally for additional vertical interest. This method creates more waste, but creates a visually exciting finish. Use accent strips and insert parts to enhance your shower. Make a series of different color tiles or strips of light at eye level in your shower edge to create an interesting line. Larger inserts can be centered in a pattern of smaller tiles as a nice accent.

Use inserts in the same metallic color as the faucet to tie your shower together. Bolder designs can be made with a checkerboard pattern in two or more colors. Use high-gloss tiles for a clean sheen or matte tiles for a finish that hides dirt. Grout colors can also be used to add design accents. A color similar to your tile can create a clean flow to the wall and a contrasting grout color in a more decorative look. Variety of bathroom tiles,

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