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Black Bedroom Vanity

Black Bedroom Vanity

Black bedroom vanity is not a normal piece of furniture for bedrooms so a homeowner looking to add something can build one to get what they want. The right wood in the current bedroom is a top priority, especially if the furniture is colored.


Apply glue to 1 inch pieces (buttons), place them on the bottom of the Black Bedroom Vanity, rinse the front side, and secure with the 2d box’s nails. Measure from one of the long sides and make four marks on the edge of the 3/8 inch. Drill recesses in the holes of these markings. Glue to the end edges of the 48-inch solid plywood, place it between two pieces from step 1, and secure with 1-inch or 2-inch screws. Attach it to those with 4d finish nails. Set nail heads with nail set.

Turn Bedroom Vanity over so it is upside down. Draw a line at the bottom of the top of the shelf as a guide. Place the shelf on the back of the bedroom and draw a line there as well. Place the remaining two gables on the countertop. Apply glue to one of the short and one of the long edges and place the end plate on the lines. Attach it to the back with or screws. Repeat this process for the other end of the bedroom. Place one of the shelves between the two gables and top to hold it in place while you turn on the vanity in the back and secure the gable top with the end nails.