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Bedside Crib Advantages Every Parent
Should Know

Bedside Crib Advantages Every Parent Should Know

When you are blessed with a new child, your main concern is her safety, care and comfort. A bedside crib is one of the best options for your baby if you want to keep him in your focused care. It is exactly like a classic bassinet. All the sides are intact and straight except for one side which is dropped and this is where the crib is attached to your bed. This is a marvelous bed for a newborn baby when you want to keep her within your reach. You can feed her, comfort her anytime she needs. She is in a safe place in her own bed!

Here are a few more advantages of bedside crib that you must know before settling for any other crib. The first advantage is a better and deeper sleep for the baby. A newborn has troubled sleep and staying away from her mom is no small ordeal for her. When she is close to her mom she feels secure and safe.

Your satisfaction is definitely higher when you are ready to attend the baby any moment at night. The danger of SIDS or cot death is minimized. Many a time little babies suffered from dangerous situation and there was no one around to help them out. Most of these situations turn into a fatal incident only because of delayed parental help.

Attending a crying baby in the next room at night is disturbing for the parents, too. Waking up and attending the baby is a hassle. But when the baby is next to you in the bedside crib, you do not have to get out of your bed, instead console your baby or feed her help her burp instantly.

Whether you are breast feeding your baby or bottle-feeding her, you have hassle-free feeding chores at night. Seeing these benefits it seems that we all should consider a bedside crib as a priority for our newborn baby!