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Carpet Runners – Add Style and Safety to
Your Stairs

Carpet Runners – Add Style and Safety to Your Stairs

Did you ever slip from the stairs? If not, be careful because slipping from stairs is more dangerous than slipping on the floor. One of the best ways to keep your home stairs slip-proof is to use carpet runners. They are a means of style and decor to your home, too.

Often stairs are not friendly with sandals and shoes especially those with hard and smooth sole. You take a few steps down in hurry and the stairs refuse to cooperate with you. But there is always a solution. Nothing works better than carpet runners. Apart from bringing personality to your home interior and adding charm to your stairs they make your smooth steps user-friendly. No more fears of slipping or falling down!

Choosing a stylish carpet runner is never easy especially if you have two different color and décor themes in the ground floor and first floor. You have limited choices in this case. Pick a one color carpet runner that suits both of the décor and color themes or follow one theme only which is closer to the stairs.

Carpet runners come in a number of fiber choices. The top class is wool and then comes nylon, polyester, acrylic etc. Wool is a high class, high budget choice and offers you a wide range of lovely colors and designs. Mix fiber carpet runners are more durable, low maintenance and cheap. You may have a limited choice of colors and designs but they make a wonderful choice for most of the households.

When you come to search for the carpet runners, make ample search on all the stores you know because the variety is overwhelming and you may miss some really great designs and choices if you suffice with little search. Don’t miss a huge variety on eBay and Amazon. These two stores have a grand stock of what you are looking for.