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Ideas for Black and White Kitchens with A Splash of Colour

Ideas for Black and White Kitchens with A Splash of Colour

Homeowners are constantly being challenged with the constantly changing styles of interior decor. Especially for those who have a creative streak in them, they are in dire need of a unique approach towards their home. So when it comes to your kitchen which is undoubtedly a pivotal part of your house, you have to get super creative with the designing, decorating, painting and best of all adding statement pieces for a gorgeous and aesthetic finish. Since black and white kitchens are mostly what homeowners opt for because of their versatility, here’s how to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

  • Colored Furniture

In an otherwise monochromed kitchen, adding light pastel colored kitchen chairs, stools or even opting for light colored back splashes can help turn your simple kitchen to a magnificently sophisticated one.

  • Flooring

Usually people like to opt for white flooring in their kitchen but if your entire kitchen is made up of black and white, then you should try to go for off white/light pastel blue/marble(black and white) flooring.

  • Lighting

Forget about normal white lighting options and try incorporating red/yellow/blue lighting in your kitchen for a special effect.

  • Kitchen Art

It is a very strange thing for some people to hang wall art in their kitchen but it is actually something that can greatly improve your kitchen’s whole outlook. There are also many different types of wall art you can try out. Ranging from inspirational quotes or a special date to actual art pieces (it can even be of your making if you are an artist) and photographs.

  • Red

The reason why red is a completely different standalone category is because of how well it works with the colors black and white. From red leather kitchen chairs to red cabinet interiors or counter tops, you can let your creativity run free with this one.