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Modern Dining Room Chairs

Modern Dining Room Chairs

Modern dining room chairs made of wood can add a classic style to your home while adding fun or finesse, depending on how you finish it. While wooden chairs are available at most furniture stores, just basic woodworking skills can help you create your own home. With your pieces of wood cut you should be able to make a chair for an hour or two, with a full set only taking a day.


Create a square shape on the floor using 10-inch discs and 12-inch discs. Make sure the boards are at their 1-inch width with 12-inch discs encapsulating the cut ends of the 10-inch discs. Center the 1 foot square on board the Modern Chairs frame and smooth the edges. Turn the device on one side with the two screw sides running upright. Lay the two 20-inch slices on the floor and place one end of each board on the inside of the square frame. Screw two 2-inch screws through each board and into the frame to connect the front legs of the chair.

Place the two 40-inch discs vertically on a flat surface that is parallel and 6 inches apart. Align the back cover with the top edges of the long boards. Insert all 3 “3” screws through the backplane and into the boards below. Turn the seat part so that the front legs of the chair are in the air and the side of the frame opposite the legs is facing downwards. Place the dining chairs on top of the rear unit. Place the seat 2 inches below the back of the chair. Use 2 inch screws through the frame and screw them into the 40 inch washers.