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Built in cupboards for kitchens

Built in cupboards for kitchens

If you are looking for managing space in your small living then you need to plan it smartly since space management is an art to which everyone is not accustomed. Smart storage boxes and multiprocessors can free you from much occupied spaces. Few ideas are discussed below to open up the kitchen.

Use built in cupboards

If your kitchen is small sized never put additional buffet tables and counter tables in kitchen. They will disguise your space like a monster. Use your built in cupboards to place crockery and other jars. By applying minimalistic approach you can visually add dimension to your kitchen. You can sort out different items in your built in cupboards according to usage. For instance large utensils and party items are needed occasionally so you can shift them in store room contained in large boxes. Spices, sugar, tea and other seasonings are required for daily cooking so put these on the top rack of built in cupboards. Utensils and dining items can be stored in lower shelves.  Never overstock your cupboards as it will make things fall when you open them. Frequently discarding unused items always widen up the space for more important products.

Wall color and lighting

Using faint and subtle shades will definitely open up your space. You can paint the built in cupboards with same color to keep the continuity. This gives walls an additional length. Also by installing some nice styled exquisite lights the ambience of kitchen will not only startle up but will also give kitchen a bigger look.