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How to Choose Your Bathroom Mirror

How to Choose Your Bathroom Mirror

You cannot make your bathroom w perfect place for your entire needs without a good mirror. If you are remodeling your bathroom or just updating it, choose a suitable bathroom mirror to complete the room’s décor effects. Mirrors reflect light and brighten up the environment. The mirror is either installed over the vanity or you buy a mirror cabinet to keep your accessories and the mirror together. Both sorts of mirrors have their own advantages and you can choose one that suits your lifestyle.

The mirror that is installed above the vanity comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.  Ypu can choose one cute mirror with frame to add personality to your vanity. What shape is the best? It may be square or oval. Oval shapes are classy and accentuate almost every environment. But are you sure that oval shape mirror would look better than a square?

Take a white paper sheet or and cut it oval and install it on the wall. Check the look of it and examine if the shape is blending in the environment or no. You can try the paper sheet in its square form also to compare both shapes.

Keep the size of thr bathroom mirror large enough to have comfortable space for donning your hair especially if you have long hair. A smaller size mirror may not give you the opportunity to have a complete look of your styling tactics. A larger size mirror reflects the décor on the opposite wall and the lights which simply increases the room’s beauty and brightness. And a large mirror suffices small jobs and big jobs both but a small mirror does not!

Modern bathroom mirror is a part of room’s décor. You need to pick the frame color matching with the rooms furniture and tile color. You can find awesome choices on eBay and IKEA.