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Captivating pink rug

Captivating pink rug

Pink is a color usually referred for babies and girls. It is basically a feminine color. But if talk about to décor our house or a spot in our house we can definitely incur some pink to make the spot look captivating. Pink is soft and subtle color, a color of expressing emotions as well as livelihood. So, it is a great idea to add a bit of pink to create an expressive yet peppy ambience. There are so many tones in pink from light to dark and from dull to bright and sparkly, to opt according to your room paint and furniture. Incorporating rugs in house in very common and is used casually. Rugs come in various forms and colors. Moreover, pink rugs are trending these days, although pink is color being adored since older times.


As we know, there are uncountable tones of every color; same is the case of pink. The shades vary from light, dark, bright, sparkly, fade and tie and die to so on. The simple rules tell us that if you want your room to look warmer and cozy you go for darker shades. This is also the case with darker furniture pairing it up with darker toned pink rug. If it is baby’s room you usually go with light pink rug and also to make your room look big.


As bedrooms and living rooms are usually high traffic areas or the areas we do not care before stepping on a rug with muddy foots. Therefore, in these areas we prefer pink rugs of cotton, nylon, polyester materials. As we need our bedrooms to be warmer, we can use subtle pink wool rugs there. For children’s room pink cotton rugs will work. In high traffic areas if the rug you are placing is about to get dirty very soon then try to have a bit of darker pink tones there as lighter shades get dirty sooner.


Spots of high preferences as to décor it with everything perfect are usually places in our house where guests’ arrival is confined. For those spots, you can place traditional Persian pink rugs or luxury silk fabric rug. It the surrounding is very quiet with soft interiors than to add a little enchantment choose a sparkling dark pink rug.