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Stepping on wood tile flooring

Stepping on wood tile flooring

The wooden floorings are evergreen option from ethos of boscage and it produces an essence of woodland freshness and liveliness in house. I am very fond of flooring my house with wood. But unfortunately wooden floorings require extra care and attention. Due to its comparatively smaller lifespan and lack in durability, it demands to have more maintenance and turns into a costly flooring option.


We are fortunate enough to have imitated yet confounding wooden look like tiling options. These tiles are modified to give wooden texture and create fresh greenwood ambience around in your house. So, it is a big boon for all those peeps who love to have wooden flooring and are bound to their ‘don’t have much time for maintenance!’ or ‘cannot look after it!’ statements. Obviously, none of us ever want to have wooden flooring placed with all our heart and then some whamming processes just occur to snatch our glee. These wood tile floorings are more durable and long lasting.


The wood tile flooring is advantageous and convenient over typical wooden floorings. The tile floorings are known because of its durability. It has good strength to get through routine wear and tear. Therefore, its life span is long lasting. It has more endurance for heavy loads, friction of things being pulled over it and stabbing it with something.

The texture of wood tile floorings is different from conventional wooden floorings. The tiles are less porous and hard. Therefore, there is no or negligible water absorbance, accumulation and deterioration due to that, as we experience in case of wooden floorings.

It is easy to clean and wash. Nowadays, a number of detergents and cleaning solutions are available according to each and every individual type of floorings, which in the end makes it easier to clean floorings whether it is of porcelain or ceramic. The texture is less prone to absorb chemicals and is less stainable as compare to wood. The stains are somehow easier to remove. The maintenance does not require much efforts and time.


As we know, wooden floorings comes in various color range of brown or wood color as well as the range also exceeds in texture of designing pattern of wood. Same as that, the wood tile floorings are modified to give best of the best variety to opt for your house according to its environment, interior and your taste as well. However, the range of wood tile floorings also varies in prices and budgets according to its design, pattern and durability.