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Correct rug sizes will accentuate the dÉcor of your home

Correct rug sizes will accentuate the dÉcor of your home

Rugs are an essential part of home décor especially in homes with big rooms with large wooden flooring. Rugs brighten up the room while being comfortable to sit or walk on. Rugs are sometimes placed on top of carpets to protect the carpet from wear and tear and other spills and stains. Rugs are available in traditional as well as contemporary designs, colors and styles. Rugs are usually organized by sizes from the smallest to the biggest from the square to the rectangular ones.

The Perfect Rug for your Rooms

The rug size is an important consideration as it can make or break the room design. Small rugs can highlight small spaces like a coffee table while large rugs look good in open spaces like a living room. Try to avoid covering the whole floor with a rug as it will tend to govern over the room. If you want to highlight a particular area in the home or a piece of furniture then a subtle color or pattern will be the best choice, but if you want the rug to be central point than a bold color and pattern should be selected.

Rug Sizes for Different Spaces

If you want a rug to look best within a particular space, the configuration of furniture as well as the size of the room will determine the rug size. For a large living room with a lot of furniture in the center of the room a big rug size 11’x14’ will be suitable so that the furniture will fit completely on it. In case the living room furniture is placed against the wall than a rug in the center of 8’x10’ or 6’x9’ will be perfect and will have the front legs of all pieces of furniture on the rug. Specific seating areas or a coffee table can have smaller rugs of 4’x6’ size. In the hallway a long runner running down the center or on the side will be a good choice with furniture placed on the sides. A small half round or a rectangular rug or a runner will work best in the kitchen if placed in front of the sink to add underfoot padding while working. For the bedroom runners placed on either side and along the foot of the bed will be the best alternative for a cozy bedroom. Rugs under the dining table should be big enough to cover the table and the chairs and should also extend behind the chairs so that the chairs do not go off the rug if pushed back.