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Maintaining and taking care of braided rug

Maintaining and taking care of braided rug

Consider adding a braided rug in your home if you would like to have a touch of the country feel in your home. These rugs have been used since hundreds of years and are also known as rag rugs. They come in different sizes and colors and are very strong and long lasting as they are made tightly bound braided strips, created by lengths of fabric. Many homeowners have braided rugs in their homes and most of them are passed down to them as family heirlooms.

Simple maintenance

It is very easy to take good care of your braided rugs so that they can last longer. You simply need to vacuum at least for two times a week as you do with any other type of rug. The number of times you must vacuum the rug in a week all depends on the traffic of foot on your rug. If you have placed your rug in a room which attracts more foot tracks then it may require more frequent vacuuming. Also you must clean your braided rugs thoroughly for every 3 to 6 months a year.

Vacuum the rugs

To clean the rug you can use either a water-based carpet cleaning solution or a home steam cleaner. It is best to use a vacuum machine that will push the steam into the fibers with a mild detergent cleaner that is specially used for carpets. Vacuum cleaners will enable the solution to go deeper into the rug pulling along the dirt and thereby leaving the rug completely dry. Lay the braided rug flat after it has been cleaned and let it dry completely. Make sure that people don’t walk or step on the rug until it dries out completely, especially if it’s a large rug. By cleaning the braided rug this way you can have the carpet last longer for many more years.

Add beauty to your home

The look of your home is enhanced as the braided rug will add a touch of beauty to your home. Whatever room you wish to use this rug in your home, they are colorful, casual and fun. Durability of these rugs is the best thing about these rugs. The fibers of the rug become compressed and make the rug denser with more foot traffic. Hence with a proper care and maintenance you can have the rug retain its strength and keep the rug look great for a longer time.