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Decorate a part of your home with small bathrooms

Decorate a part of your home with small bathrooms

Bathrooms are obviously an essential part of the house. With humongous space or not you can still make your bathroom look beautiful. The ones living in a small apartment especially can build elegant small bathrooms with big style. Make everyone, who visits your home praise the home and the elegant bathroom you will build.

Here are few ways to style your small bathrooms.

1)    Vintage

The vintage fashion will always be in style and here is how you make your bathroom go vintage and elegant.

  1. a) Place a small wooden cabinet at a corner of the bathroom.
  2. b) A white commode and tub/shower place.
  3. c) Two towel hangers above the tub or close to the shower place.
  4. d) Wooden shutter attached to the window

Moreover, you have your vintage bathroom.

2)    Simple

Keeping it simple and beautiful has always been the motto. Keep your bathroom simple and beautiful with everything white. From walls to the tub to the basin to tiles and you, get the whole idea of course. The colour white is a beautiful colour. It screams elegance and it will scream simplicity and beauty at the same time.

3)    Fancy

If you are looking for something fancy and beautiful then here is what you have to do:

  1. a) Walls should be painted beige in colour
  2. b) Cabinet should be of dark wood along with a basin and small drawers attached at each side.
  3. c) Add wooden wallpaper to it, a small white tub and dim lights.

In addition, you have a beautiful fancy bathroom.